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Hair Health

Hair Health is a dietary supplement for men and women taken daily to support hair growth and strength and the healthy appearance of skin and nails by encouraging cellular production and providing essential vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients.*

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I think it may be working. by glgipso on Mar 13, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I'm not sure but it looks like my hair may be getting thicker. After I have taken it for another month I think I will have a better idea how it is doing. I am going to start taking 1 capsule twice a day now though. I really want to give this a chance.*

Hair has grown faster in the last month. by Lizeth Zavala on Mar 6, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

I have been taking these vitamins for a month and my hair hair has grown almost an inch since starting them. My hair has been short for a few years but I am trying to grow it back out, but since having kids it has been very brittle and weak. I have been unable to grow it long due to constant breakage. After this month, I am already seeing great results. I say it is definitely worth a try, especially having natural ingredients I did not feel side effects.*

Gave it a shot even though nothing will help meby Lew on Jan 30, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Didn't work but my hair is so thin that nothing out there would work. I did like the Vitamin A in it as I had a low amount.*

Reliability of productby Debbie V. on Dec 10, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I've started to begin to see new hair growth. I've also been taking collagen protein as well. Not sure if one or the other or the combination of both is producing the results. I will continue with this regimen as long as I'm seeing results.*

Improvingby Howard T. Steiner on Nov 28, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

The product has shown signs of reduced hair loss and regeneration.*

Ingredientsby Karen on Nov 17, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

Hair Loss is what I used it for. I've only started using it so can't give an honest reply as of yet. Sorry.*

My hair is so much thickerby Stacey L Hoyt on Nov 5, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

The quality of my hair has definitely improved. It is stronger and seems to be filling in. This has been a great product for me so far. I wanted to give an update as I have now been using this about 6 weeks. Honestly, at age 50 I thought my good hair days were gone. I simply cannot believe how much fuller my hair is. I have PCOS and my hairline has completely filled in. Even a spot on my eyebrow has filled in. I plan to use this indefinitely. I love it.*

Great value for quality supplement.by Customer on Oct 24, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I’m happy with Les Labs. They are reputable, no GMO’s and vegan. Nothing significant as far as changes just yet, but I have patience.*

Actually Works!by Mary E. Joy on Oct 23, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

I have been under a regieme of chemotherapy since February and have been taking this suppliment faithfully during this propcess. I have taken prenatal vitamines and other hair and nail growth products and have noticed very little effect. Since switching to this product even my hairdresser has noticed an improvement in growth rate and now regrowth of complete hair loss due to the final chemo. I am happy to say I definately see an encouraging return of my hair and nails as well. This is the first product I've used in the past two-three years that has actually improved both the original growth and now the regrowth of my hair. I encourage others to try it - I am very happy with the results I am seeing.*

No Improvementby Hydra on Oct 19, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

Like all advertised hair remedies, this product did not work for me.*

Doesn’t workby Beth A. Butler on Oct 16, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

Doesn’t work*

Miracle Productby Star on Sep 30, 2018 (Verified Purchase)

This product is amazing. I have my husband taking it for his thinning hair. He’s been taking it for a little over one week and we she results already. I take them also and my skin, hair and nails are to die for. I am Lao seeing my eyebrows grow back. They were very thin now they Are thickening.This is only a little over a week. We can’t wait to see results after one month*

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