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DeToxx for Hangovers

DeToxx helps reduce hangover symptoms and supports liver function. Natural ingredients including milk thistle, prickly pear and cysteine work while you drink, helping to metabolize the toxins that cause hangover symptoms and to support a healthy liver.*

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Hangover Cure by Gail S. on Oct 5, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Helps, but doesnt take away hangovers completely*

This stuff helps, but it's no miracle by Hibah Mahmood on Sep 27, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

i have horrible, dreadful hangovers, and they seem to just continue to get worse the older I get. I usually take 3 before I start drinking and I try MY HARDEST to remember to take 3 more after, but sometimes I do forget. I will say compared to the other hangover aids out there, this one is the best (like drinkwel and flyby)! I would say activated charcoal has helped the most though, but for loading up on the right vitamins, this eases the hangover. I still feel like crap if I drink a lot, that's just unavoidable, but if I manage to hydrate a LOT and eat and get enough rest and take these, I can function the next day! I guess it's just me though...if you don't have horrible hangovers and just a minor headache/sleepy feeling, this should get you back to normal!

Hope this helps!*

Buy stock! by A. W. on Sep 23, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

It F*$#*N WORKS!!!*

Two stars by Nicole Sullivan on Sep 22, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Did not feel worse lol, but certainly not worth the money*

Hangover Helper by Dustin Baker on Sep 22, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Wonderful product for those not so wonderful mornings!*

i dont know if they work or not by Hugo on Sep 18, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

all i know is after you take it you can taste the weird taste of it when you burp and most likely you will burp. I feel like it has helped me before but other times not at all. I dont know if its worth the money honestly and ive stopped drinking really barely drink anymore. I could see they saving you from a terrible terrible black out drunk hangover you know make you feel a bit better than you would without it but nothing crazy*

WORKS GREAT by Carrie Howard on Sep 17, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Really helped alleviate some of the hangover symptoms. Used it several times so far and it's helped every time. It does have a funny after taste and made my pee smell weird but nothing too bad.*

A+++ by erick on Sep 16, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Works like charm*

This stuff works! by Brian Smith on Sep 10, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

It just works, and I feel great the morning after!*

I think it works! by Mary T. on Sep 3, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

it feels like of like a placebo but I genuinely enjoy taking them when I'm out drinking on the weekends. plus all my friends digg it too haha. I pass the capsules out like candy. already ran through my first bottle in just two weeks. will buy more!*

does not work by Customer on Aug 31, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

total garbage scam product & non returnable, BS!*

Works great by Robin Rasmussen on Aug 29, 2019 (Verified Purchase)

Spent 4 days in Vegas with no hangover!*

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